Q: What exactly is the Welcome Home Active eZine?

A: The Welcome Home Active eZine is a unique, online magazine utilizing the latest in viewing technology to provide an attractive, easy to use format. The content consists of quality articles on remodeling, decorating, gardening, recipes, travel, a section on useful items for the home and the latest real estate news. It is branded to you with your photo and contact info and is the ideal solution for keeping your name in front of your clients and prospects, while offering them something of value. It is connected to a simple dashboard allowing you to import contacts from your address book or ad contacts manually. Your eZine is sent to each client or potential client in your dashboard each month with no further action required.

Q: How can I use it to get new leads daily?

A: We provide you with code that you can add to your website, your blogs, your facebook page, your twitter page, your Active Rain page, and any other website that allows you to add html code to it. Another place you might consider is your email signature. This code allows site visitors to subscribe to your eZine providing you with their contact information. You can also promote your free eZine in your hard copy advertising, on your business cards, on your signs, and on your stationary. Your eZine is linked back to your website, so using it pulls additional traffic to your website. Let's face it...The more contacts you stay in front of as a REALTOR, the more leads and ultimately more business you tend to have. Every time you begin working with someone, or meet someone, or close a transaction, offer them a free subscription to your Active eZine magazine.

Q: How does it automatically increase my sphere of influence?

A: In each issue there are several links where your existing subscribers can refer the eZine to their friends. This allows the friend to preview an issue of the eZine and either accept or reject the offer. If they accept, you are notified of a new subscriber and given their contact info. Once the eZine is going to your current contact list and the new-subscriber link is on your website and social networking sites, etc., you will begin receiving new subscribers on a regular basis. Your sphere of influence is now expanded to your new subscribers and even to their families and friends in many cases. You are providing them something of value and they will have your photo and contact information, links to your website and listings, in front of them every month. When they are ready to buy or sell, there is a very good chance that you will be the person they will contact. They may even refer you to family and friends when they have a need.

Q: How do I use it to get more referrals and repeat business?

A: In a 2009 survey by the National Association of Realtors, 83% of respondents indicated referrals, and 82% of respondents indicated repeat business was very important to their business. It also indicated that only 38% of respondents generated more than 50% of their business from those sources. Everyone agrees that the way to get repeat and referral business is to stay in touch with existing satisfied clients. The problem has always been how to do this without a major investment of time and money and how we should go about it. The Welcome Home Active eZine allows you to keep your name in front of your clients on a regular basis, without a major investment of time or money, and does so by giving them something of value. They see your photo and contact info every month. They can visit your website and browse your listings from the links contained in your eZine.

Q: Does it take a lot of time to implement?

A: No. In fact, it takes almost no time at all. It will take a few minutes one time to add your contact info and photo. There is an easy import feature to get your current address book or list of contacts into the system. You can then add new contacts whenever you choose. You can add a new contact in about 15 seconds. After that everything is automatic. Just keep adding new contacts and follow up on new leads.